Traveling With Lupus: 8 Traveling Tips You Should Never Overlook!

Author: Sandy

Posted On: September 23, 2017

A trip to your favorite holiday destination is like visiting the paradise. Definitely, it is somewhat tough to abide by your usual diet and regimen while traveling especially when you are traveling with lupus. However, it is important to be careful so that you can fully enjoy your trip and keep your lupus tamed. Yet, accidents or unexpected triggers may happen and you can never neglect them. Go for an insurance card if you have the option for. If you have one, then you are quite relieved from such terrible menaces. These travel insurance cards cover any inevitable medical treatments that you may require in case of any mishaps or ill health.


Golden advice; take the safety measures before it hits you. Here, are some of the time-honored tips to help you keep the bugs at bay.

1. Consult Your Doctor

Consult your doctor as you plan your vacation. See what you should be taking care of or if there is anything you should be avoiding. Run the important tests and make sure your lupus is under control. Make a note of all the important lupus medications that you should be carrying and consult what you should be doing in an occurrence of any unwelcomed trigger.

2. Get the Important Vaccinations

According to World Health Organization, almost two to three millions of tourists who get them vaccinated are saved from the risk of immunizations. In some countries, it is compulsory to get the vaccines before you enter it and in some, it’s not. However, for your own good, consult your GP and get the vaccines.

3. Go for Healthy Living

It is tough to stick to our regular diet and exercise routines when we are on holidays. However, we must not skip them especially when we are traveling with lupus. Otherwise, we may experience sudden heaving symptoms that would spoil all the fun. Isn’t it’s better to stay healthy on the trip rather than taking more medications for relief? You never know if you can make it to the beach after the medication. Probably, you would be sleepy and have to tug yourself in your hotel bed. A swim in the blue, or a run for a few miles down the town or the beach, 15-minutes yoga and meditation could do the trick. Have fresh fruits, fruit juices for snacks, which are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Avoid carbohydrates. This leads to many health issues.

4. Avoid Unsafe Water

Unless you are sure that the tap water or the water in your beverage is safe, don’t have it. Water sanitization is not likely to be the same around the globe. Majority, of the tourists visiting hospitals suffer from waterborne diseases. Make sure the water is clean and safe before you drink it.

5. Beware of the Hotel Cleansing

No matter in which hotel you have planned to stay or how clean the hotel glassware looks, you can never be definite, if they were rinsed with a good quality disinfectant and a clean towel. Maybe the bath towel is dirty and is there for a week. When traveling with lupus, you need to be very careful of the infections. They cause some of the biggest triggers. Infection is the most notorious vacation spoiler, trust me. Why risk your health? Use bottles of packed mineral water and disposable cups and plates. Carry your towels for your own safety and some hand sanitizer. If there is something that I am missing put that in the comment section below!

6. Wash Your Hand

Don’t follow this because you are traveling with lupus, but one should practice it all year round. A proper washing includes soap and vigorous scrubbing of hands. Wash your hands every time before you have your meal. In this way, you can prevent most of the infections and lupus triggers.

7. Avoid Sunburn

When you are traveling with lupus, you are ought to be outdoors mostly under the sun. Right? Don’t forget you are super sensitive to the sun and need to be absolutely sun-smart. Sunburns are extremely bumpy and unhealthy as well. In fact, the UV rays can cause skin tan, rashes, skin burn and cancer too. Carry a nice bottle of sunscreen with high SPF, hat, and sunglasses; cover your skin as much as possible if you are visiting a tropical country.

8. Have a Good Night's Sleep

Generally, a normal human being without any major ailments requires six to eight hours of sleep to stay in good shape. But, you have lupus. Don’t forget you cannot stress yourself.  Therefore, mark it as a topmost priority despite your busy schedule.

Lastly, plan your trip itinerary and make a checklist of all the things you should be carrying on the trip. Don’t forget to pack it light if you are hoarding your luggage most of the time. Travelling with lupus is not necessarily stressful when you plan it right. When a small step can save your entire trip, isn’t it worth taking?


    1. I’ve travelled a few different times in the last few years and I’ve found these tips excellent. I try to follow a similar routine as I do at home. My biggest problem is the stress I have about going on the trip. Once I get there I’m fine but the stress of worrying about getting sick on the trip and being a burden to others amps my stress up significantly. I’m always very stressed before. Sometimes so terribly that I want to talk myself out of going.

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