11 Basic Tips for Living with Lupus!

Author: Sandy

Posted On: June 26, 2015

Lupus is so wrecking. It breaks your body, your mind, and your guts. Yet, dissatisfied. Never lets you be alone. Life itself gets hard when Lupus got its red glowing eyes fixed on you. But, does that mean you would stop breathing? You would give up on those who love you madly? No… Surely, that is your answer too.

Yeah! Agreed, it is hard (in fact impossible) to run away from this Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, but you aren’t weak. You can laugh at its face. In fact you are going to roll on floor laughing loud. Okay so the question is how are you going to do so… Let’s check out the basic tips for living with Lupus. We have every right to live a normal day despite of Lupus;

Tips for Living with Lupus: Quit Smoking

# 1. No Smoking Please

Smoking is injurious to health; we all know that. But, if you have Lupus then quitting smoke would benefit your health beyond your imagination. It is harmful, especially for people suffering with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. It triggers a Lupus flare. Consult your doctor if you have difficulty to quit it by yourself. It is time that you harvest some benefits, leaving cigarettes.

Morning workout

#2. Work Out Regularly

Regular exercise got immense influence on one’s health. Especially, if you have Lupus then you should work out regularly. Stop! Before you lift those weights, you need to know how you should work out and why. Workout that is low intense like bicycling, walking, swimming would relief you from joint pain and other Lupus related problems. Further, if you exercise regularly, you can avoid heart complications, be flexible, enhance your muscle strength, avert diseases like osteoporosis (common complication with Lupus patients) and not to mention improves your mental health. As you know, depression triggers Lupus. Hence, regular exercise would keep you happily active and Lupus at bay.

Nevertheless, do not overlook to consult your physician how much should you be working out.

Tips for Living with Lupus: Take Proper Rest

#3. Take Proper Rest

Shut your eyes for seven to eight hours at night; that you should be aiming at. It is a fact that rest reduces the fatigue but too much of lazy-time would make you feel even worse, more exhausted. You need to analyze and understand how much rest your body seeks. Follow a definite sleeping pattern; make your bedroom cozy and inviting. It helps you to get a good sound sleep. Avoid, caffeine or any other food that are infamous for causing insomnia or intensive motion right before hitting the bed. Sleep it right way, keep it soothing!

Tips for Living with Lupus: Use Umbrella to Avoid the Sun

#4. Avoid the Sun

Apart from stress, other thing that definitely heat up Lupus is too much of sun exposure… Be prepared before you go out in the sun.

  1. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more
  2. Avoid the sun when it is most strong between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  3. Cover yourself as much as you can
  4. Use umbrella and wide-brimmed hat
  5. Keep yourself hydrated
Tips for Living with Lupus: Beware of Infections

#5. Beware of Infections

Not just Lupus, the medication you take to treat it, makes you more prone to infections. The below-mentioned tips would definitely help you to ward off contagion. Try to follow them.

  1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water as often as you can.
  2. Touching your eyes, nose, mouth with unclean hand could infect you. Avoid doing so.
  3. Wash your hand before eating your meal.
  4. Stay away from people with cold or any other infectious condition.
  5. Check with your doctor, if you need any vaccination. Make sure these inoculations are suitable for you.
Tips for Living with Lupus: Avoid Bright Indoor Lights

#6. Lookout for Bright Indoor Lights

Not just sun, but you have to lookout for the bright lighting indoors. The fluorescent lights emit UV rays. If you have a problem avoiding it, cover them with light guards that have nanometer readers. Reading with 380 to 400 is okay for you as they filter out the harmful UV B, C as well as A rays.

Lupus effects your emotions

#7. Time to Ensure Your Psychological Health

Depression, mood swing, bad temper; all these are widespread in people with Lupus. There are certain warning signs that you should look for like sudden anger, frustration, unrepressed crying (sometimes without any reason), constant gloomy mood, being unable to focus on something. Never neglect all these as temporary state of mind; they are not. Ask your doctor to refer a mental health expert. Some medication, along with Pshychotherapy can reinstate a good mental health.

Deal with Lupus Fog

#8. Be Prepared to Deal with Lupus Fog

Lupus not only plays with the immune system of the human body, but the mind as well. It leaves you blank sometime, and sometime in absolute confusion. This is called ‘Lupus Fog’. Unsurprisingly, it aggravates you by forming a mental blockage and memory loss.
Well, there are certain ways you can deal with it like maintaining a daily planner. ‘Goalist’ by Cambiastic is one planner that would you may find useful. The best thing is its persuasion. You cannot skip to the other task without accomplishing the previous. You can schedule your important appointments as well.

Maintain a pocket diary, where you can keep a list of important names numbers. Keep your Google passwords, phone lock codes simple and easy to remember. If you want to memorize something, repeat it few times in your mind. Write it down somewhere. You will be in much ease.

Tips for Living with Lupus: Get a Vaccination for Your Allergies

#9. Allergy Treatments

Generally, people with Lupus are prone to allergy whether seasonal or from certain medications. Those medications generally not harmful but you may start sniffling and scratching yourself after an allergy shot. So, before indulging yourself in such anti-allergy remedy, speak to your doctor.

Eat Healthy

#10. Eat for Your Health, not for Taste Buds

Lupus is a multi-organ disorder and no two people with Lupus have the same complications. Therefore, there is not fixed or special diet planned for Lupus. But, that doesn’t give you liberty to eat any of those stuffs that you like the savor of. Instead, you have to focus on a well-balanced diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy protein, low-fat oil, fish, and fibers.
Avoid Alfalfa, that is notorious for causing Lupus flare. Check out the other healthy eating tips that you need to include in your daily meal planning.

Tips for Living with Lupus: Ease Your Pain

#11. Ease Your Pain

From time to time, everyone with Lupus go through muscle pain, joint pain, and swelling. Yes! Medications ease the pain, but there are other approaches that worth a try. These small tricks lighten your ache in a blink of eye. Try taking a warm shower or try soaking your aching joint in tub with hot water and a pinch of salt.
Apart from these, explore the world of yoga, acupuncture, tai chi and other natural pain liberating customs. Before jumping into anything, don’t forget to get that ‘yes’ from your treating doctor.

There must be other tricks to make it easy to Live with Lupus, share it. May it be a very small thing to do, but it may bring a big change

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    1. I have had lupus for 20+ years, different strands of lupus, and I find something new all the time about lupus, so I’m always looking for new things to try to keep this ugly monster at bay.

      • Lupus is so unpredictable. We always have to try out new things to control the symptoms. Look out for the other tips and tricks that I have tried to control mine. Hope you find some useful. Also you may subscribe if you like to.
        Warm Hugs,

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