How To Deal With a Lupus Flare-Up?

Author: Sandy

Posted On: August 14, 2015

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disorder; we all know that. However, the symptoms, complications vary from one person to another. They fluctuate so much that we have to be extra cautious and search beyond the known trials to manage Systemic Lupus Erythematosus effectively. Possibly then, we would be able to live a normal (yet controlled) life with it.

Earlier I have shared 11 Tips for Living with Lupus, but that is not enough. So here are some more tips that I discovered myself while living with Lupus in the last few years. So take a look at it and tell me which one you have tried and found useful.

Lupus Flare Tip#1. Identify What Trigger Lupus Flares; Edify Yourself

Dating Someone with Lupus

Lupus isn’t active all the time. They too snooze sometimes; I suppose. Well, all with Lupus (or Lupies as commonly addressed) have gone through the Lupus Flares many times for sure. For me, I don’t have a count of that. I think, even many of you don’t have that as well.

Coming to the definition of flare, when the Symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus get unexpectedly worse, it’s a flare. There is chronic pain and fatigue that succumbs silently along with other health issues.

Unfortunately, it cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Actually, these symptoms don’t happen to be active all by themselves. There has to be a trigger that causes the flare. No lupus patients have the same symptoms; similarly, they don’t have an identical set of triggers. However, the common triggers include stress, infection, sun exposure, or even a seasonal flu.

Try to learn as much as you can about Lupus and the symptoms and complications that you had in past. Next time, if you catch the warning signs of an upcoming flare, your initial Lupus symptoms can be treated more effectively before they blow up into a flare.

Lupus Flare Tip #2. Reduce Stress to Reduce Flare

Listen to Music; Reduces Stress

Now we know that Stress is a prime trigger and is associated with increasing risk of a Lupus flare. Therefore, if you want to control the Lupus, try to lead a life with less or no stress.

“Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives… We are no more kids that we can sleep away the night without a single worry. We have to look after our family, home and make an earning too. Stress is bound to be there.”

Yes! All these are true. A life with no stress sounds impossible. We cannot eliminate stress, but we can attempt to prevent its grim effects. Remember, if you are healthy, then only you can take the best care of your family.

Try following these (see if it helps you);

  1. Everyone is stressed for different reasons. Identify what makes you stressed out. Try to eliminate the source or avoid them at least.
  2. Relaxing activities often works great to relieve you from stress. Try reading books that you like (for me it’s the romantic genre), music, a warm foot massage, even a warm shower helps.
  3. There’s no shame in asking for a hand, especially when your Lupus Symptoms are devilishly active. Limit hard work. It is a nice way to reduce the muscle and joint pain, fatigue and thus less stress.

Lupus Flare Tip #3. Try Taking Vitamin D

Take Vitamin D

In 2013, a research (published online in a journal PLoS ONE) shows that Vitamin D levels are associated with Lupus activity. Studies show that a decrease in Vitamin D level is allied with an increase of Lupus symptoms. However, it is not sure if Lupus directs to the deficiency of Vitamin D in the human body or Vitamins D directs to Lupus. Whatsoever, it is rather beneficial to take a supplement if you are low on Vitamin D.

“Right now, I am on an 8-weeks course of Cholecalciferol Capsule USP  – Uprise – D3 60K. I was having severe cracking pain in my knees.”

Not to forget, talk to your doctor to check if it is the best thing to be done in your situation.

Lupus Flare Tip #4. Put a Check on Your Alcohol Intake

Put a Check on Your Alcohol Consumption

When it comes to alcohol, it is advised to have it responsibly. However, when it comes to a Lupus sufferer things are more decisive. Undoubtedly, they are cautious, but in certain situation, that is not enough.

If you are on Methotrexate or on NSAID drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen, alcohol can interfere with the drugs. Consequently, the drugs could work as either they were supposed to or in severe cases; you end up with an internal bleeding or an upset stomach.

That is definitely not desirable; consult your doctor to ensure the alcohol part.

Lupus Flare Tip #5. Build Your Own Support System

Build Your Support System

Okay, building appears to be an uphill struggle. Let’s reconcile it with getting support for yourself. Only a person living with Lupus knows how it is. Constant frustration, anxiety, depression succumb on a daily basis if you have Lupus or any other chronic autoimmune disorder.

The only breakthrough of this emotional blizzard would be seeking some compassionate support. Generally, family, friends, and loved ones serve best to support. Well, today you can Google and find support groups to help you cope up with the Lupus and the flare-ups. Here is few of the Lupus Support Group that you may like to try out;

Daily Strength Lupus Support Group

Whether it’s an online or personal; a support group provides you with valuable piece of advice and make you comfortable in spite of the piercing pain tremors running down your spine.

Lupus Flare Tip #6. Scrutinize Your Medication

Scrutinize Your Medications

If you have an autoimmune disease, you are ought to be on a long list of medications. In 2010, I used to take 17 pills a daily. Seems like we take more pills than food. This is a common thing happening in lupus treatment.

However, you must pay a close attention to your medication. Especially if you are seeing multiple doctors, you never know if their prescribed drugs would contradict each other.

Maintain a daily medication journal. Note the daily dosage, when they need a refill. For God’s Sake, don’t even dream to stopping medicines like that. Check with your doctor about the medications you take and if they would react with other or not.

People with lupus with a little help from their doctors can edify themselves to maintain a healthy and active life. Your support group, doctors can dismiss the fears and depression lingering inside and boost up your confidence so that you can fight S.L.E. better.

We can help you fight, but it is your fight at the end of the day. You have to be strong and show the courage … Come on let’s fight lupus together!

If you have any more tips that helped your living with Lupus, don’t hesitate to drop a line below. You never know, your one comment can give someone an upper hand fighting Lupus.


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