Spiritual Healing: Can Spiritual Healing Help Fight Lupus?

Author: Sandy

Posted On: December 22, 2017

So far, I have written articles on how you can take care of Lupus flares, Lupus symptoms and deal with it. However, today I am going to discuss Spiritual Healing, a complementary and alternative therapy for lupus. One can awaken faith and inner strength to help fight SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus naturally. It is easy to say to have faith, but extremely hard to put into action. Yet, I say have faith because I have seen how it makes a difference. Before explaining the role of Spiritual Healing for Lupus, let’s understand what it is.

What is Spirit?

Many have heard about Spiritual Healing, but it is still misty. However, one can easily comprehend and use it in your favor. Spiritual comes from spirit. People think the spirit is a ghost. Well, it has different definitions for different people. For some, it is consciousness, soul, state of mind and so on. However, in context of healing, it is actually an invisible force that acts as a mediator between the body and soul. Without spirit, a body is nothing, but dust.

What Do You Mean by Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing or inner healing is curing your body and mind with the divine force of your spirit. Is it still confusing? In simple words, when one addresses and heals the problems with some positive energy it is called Spiritual Healing. It is the power of faith and belief system that takes the form of energy and strengthen your inner healing power. Say, a boy is trying to hit ‘6’ in cricket but always failing. However, he believes that he can do it and hits it at the next ball. This is his belief that helped him focus and swing his bat at the right moment, at the right angle.

Before getting into details, kindly don’t give up your preliminary treatment for this therapy. According to Spiritual Science Research Foundation, it treats the root cause of the problem, but the problem needs to be treated at three levels.
• Physical level: with medications.
• Psychological level: depression caused by the problem.
• Spiritual level: pious remedies and methods alleviate the root cause of the problem.

Possible Causes

Almost 80% of our troubles may it be emotional, financial or health-related got spirituality-related roots somewhere underneath them. Some are the reactions of our deeds or karma. It could be the trauma or guilt or some other emotions of an action, incident or thoughts that we have done willingly. We can actually control 35% of our life by our choice and will. However, 65% of our life is destined or past deeds. It is the effect of those actions and choice that we couldn’t control. Our destiny decides what we are going to do next. What could possibly go spiritually wrong?
1. Lose of faith or being unfair to your life and yourself.
2. Negative actions create a negative destiny.
3. Failure to cope up with a past event or deed.
4. Blaming life and destiny.

Benefits of Pursuing Spirituality

Events, actions, illness and other problems affect us at several levels; physically, psychologically, financially, socially and so on. A spiritual-seeker in comparison to a non-seeker is better at facing these life problems. A seeker has an improved tolerance level and thus less affected by stress. He also happens to be more empowered by divine and physical energy. Once you are aware of your spirituality, your viewpoint, attitude and destiny changes. It helps you better accept Lupus as a part of your life and never regret it. Once you are able to do so, you are on your way to heal yourself!

There are a couple of signs that will tell you if you need some inner healing. Like, you often experience low confidence, emotional triggers, overreact at moments, there is a constant replay of your past memories, you’re unable to forgive and break bad habits, relationship problems, feel insecure and depressed.
Consider these signs and evaluate yourself. Let’s conclude with a question, ‘Do you need Spiritual Healing’? Answer my question in the comment section below.


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