Hi, I am Sandy (though it is just my pseudonym) and this is my story where I fight S.L.E. everyday.


On a sunny morning of March 2010, I collapsed on the very moment I stepped in my office. When admitted to a nearby hospital, several tests and examinations were conducted on me for the next two days…Apart from vitamin B-12 deficiency, nothing really came out.


After a few weeks, I noticed a swelling around my left ankle. Had to pay another visit to the doctor and more test were prescribed. This time there were high traces of protein in the urine report. Started to have a high fever (103 to 104 degrees) with no reason. After a month with occasional high fever, I got weak and desperately required a time-off. I applied for a 3-days leave – got it.

That same night, I felt my nerve tweaking down my waist. As it continued even after an hour, I was rushed to an emergency clinic. I developed oral rashes that making it hard to even drink water. It used to burn my mouth. Couldn’t stand light anymore.

As I was constantly deteriorating, my family arranged an appointment with another doctor. He instantly suspected something and ran a few more tests to confirm what he was thinking. Then I was diagnosed with Class IV Systemic Lupus Erythematous. Did I mention that I have also undergone a kidney biopsy? Bad News! It has affected my kidneys!


Under intensive care, it took me some serious 72 hours to react to the medicines. Which means either I will respond now or never. That moment, I just told myself “My heart is beating right, I feel no pain. How can I die?” Probably, I was not ready to give up.

Well, I did respond and even got back home after a few days. But, Lupus got flare ups. I was again hospitalized. My platelet count was way too low and had to go for blood transfusion along with intravenous medications running in from both of my hands. I felt I was getting literally solid. Paralyzed waist down with a numb right hand. This time I returned home like some object.

For me there was no other option than to fight S.L.E. and I did. One day, I accumulated all my willpower to get on to my feet. I fell but I tried again. After 6 months I was walking though a bit unsteady.

The wolf was back in January 2011. I was rushed to the city Medical College. They took me in immediately. The rheum team was informed. They saved me with cyclophosphamide therapy. After 6 cycles, I was much stable. For the next two years, my life changed. I lost too much weight and my long beautiful hair. I was even on the anti-depressant as well. Pursuing a career was only a dream then.


In the year 2013, I was hired as a business development by a recruitment firm. This is where my story takes a loving turn. It was 4th of July when a young sweet guy came to my workplace for the first time and then to my heart and then in my life. Since then my life has changed for better.

I knew that I need to change my eating habits, my lifestyle to cope up with Lupus. But either I was too weak or too tired. Well, he didn’t care about lupus and just took me into his heart and life. How could I care about Lupus anymore? I adopted a healthy lifestyle, spiritual healing to get rid of all my issues. I didn’t dismiss medical science but embraced traditional and spiritual healing.

Next year, my lupus was under control. No matter what, I never took another anti-depressant or sleeping pill. I tried to sort out my symptoms as much as possible with lifestyle change and alternate treatments. And it worked. In 2016, my doctor gave me the best news I always prayed for – My Lupus is under permanent remission for the last 2 years.

That’s my story so far! Will be sharing the later events of my story as blog posts under the same blog category.