Music Therapy for Lupus: How Does It Help to Fight Lupus?

Author: Sandy

Posted On: August 18, 2016

Music Therapy for Lupus – can music help? Is there any such therapy that helps one living with lupus? Let’s find out!

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is a chronic autoimmune disorder where our internal immune system gets crazy and attacks own healthy body cells in place of foreign bodies. We all know how Lupus destroys our beautiful life and force us to lock ourselves indoors. Often we cry, sit at the windows wondering –

“Why it is happening to me? My life is miserable – meaningless! “

We try to speak to our family, friends – we turn to social media. From my own experience, I ended up being more depressed. I faced nothing as compared to my other Lupie friends. They are in more pain. With time, I learned to figure out what worked for me. My first motto was to drive stress away. There will be stress in life. We can never run away from it, but we can still manage it. One thing that worked for me wonderfully is “Music Therapy”.

So, Music Therapy is psychiatric therapy comprised of several musical models and methods. The basic idea of this therapy is to be expressive and interactive. It can either be receptive music therapy (listening to music) or active music therapy (making music or singing).  One needs no musical talent for this psychotherapy.

Opera, jazz, heavy metal, classics; no matter what you like to hear MUSIC has the power to help you fight Lupus Depression. Further, it helps you in relieving your pain by bringing in a positive and happy physiological change. It has that curative superpower you can hardly imagine of.

We often start tapping our fingers listening to some great music or song… they summon the wonderful memories, even we sing sweet songs (Lori)  to our children as they snooze calmly. There are stories of patients struggling with deadly health issues who showed marked improvement and returned back to life after taking MUSIC THERAPY… But are they true? This is one question worth asking and being answered!

How Does Music Therapy Help in Chronic Ailments?

People suffering from chronic autoimmune ailments like Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (popularly known as Lupus), Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.), Fibromyalgia or other similar health conditions generally have to deal with various troublesome complications like agonizing pain, acute exhaustion, anxiety, sleeplessness and stress and so on. If music therapy can assuage even one of these symptoms, wouldn’t you give it a try? Well, we should try! Music relaxes mind wonderfully as if it is some medicine. Further, it facilitates regulation of body performance, coordination of the motor skills.

Since there is no side effect  (unless you get violent listening to music)  associated with it, so you can definitely try it fat least a few weeks.

How Does Music Therapy for Lupus Help?

It is not just about Lupus, Music Therapy is one palliative treatment that manages the patients’ physical, psychological, physiological and above all spiritual needs. It is in fact, one of the most primitive treatments used by our ancestors to bring back the human body, mind, and soul back together and encourage healing. At present, most of the healthcare units got a unit dedicated to this therapy. There are several ways, Music Therapy for Lupus can help;

1. Lessens Pain

Music Helps in Pain Relief

According to a study conducted on twenty-two Fibromyalgia patients, after listening to self-chosen inspiring music, they reported a marked drop in their agonizing pain and improvement in practical mobility. Honestly, it is seen that it increases our power over the chronic pain and makes us less immobilized by our physical conditions.

2. Reduces Strain

Helps in Stress

As we all know, stress is the worst enemy of chronic diseases. It triggers the disease symptoms, and activities causing a sudden flare. It is seen that music can uplift your mood and reduce your depression. A study conducted by Stanford University shows that music therapy improves a person’s self-esteem as well. If you don’t believe it, try listening to your favorite track for 10 minutes. (I am not including any reference to it because we all know and do agree that music relaxes us).

3. Curtails Hospital Stays

Happy For Getting Discharged

It is seen that the patients who listen to comforting music while staying in hospital recover quickly as compared to those who doesn’t. International Journal of Arts reports that babies in intensive care unit get healthy earlier and better if the nursing staff hums to them. Even, our favorite Amitabh Bachchan met an almost fatal accident on the sets of Coolie in 1982. He confirmed in an interview that during his long hospital stay music gave him hope and encouragement.

4. Improves Concentration

Helps To Concentrate

There is a physiological link between music and learning capabilities. The research group of Stanford University School of Medicine established that music enlightens the brain tissues that are responsible for prediction, concentration, and memorization. So it can also be nice in Lupus Fog.

5. Drops Your Blood Pressure

Helps in High Blood Pressure

You must have noticed yourself getting calm while listening to music no matter how angry you were a minute before doing so. According to another study, soothing music has an ability to drop your blood pressure remarkably.

6. Induces Sleep

Induces Sleep

Sleeplessness is a major complication that most of the Lupus Warriors struggle with. According to a study listening to music for 45 minutes for 3 weeks before going to bed can get you quality sleep. It’s already midnight and if you are still struggling to sleep, try playing some slow music. You will snooze off easily.

So if you are already frustrated trying scores of pills to get some sleep and alleviate pain; for once try out MUSIC THERAPY for Lupus and after a couple of weeks you can notice the difference.

I am not collating things that I have read. I have experienced it myself. For so many years, I locked myself with no connection with the outside world. It took me time to crack open my shell and come out. Music Therapy actually helped me – I had a playlist created with tracks with fast beat or melody – it really pushed the life energy into me. There are many but one song that put me in a trance every time I hear it.  I just love it.

Which is your favorite tune that leaves same relaxing effect on you? Don’t forget to share your song booster in the discussion section below.

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