Lupus Has Made My Life Better

Author: Sandy

Posted On: February 20, 2018

Oh yes, you heard it right. Lupus has made my life better. Though initially, I was cursing it for destroying my dreams, goals, relationships, then I learned what good things it did for me. I continued the blame-game for 3 years then I started to recognize the small changes (changes for good) and betterments in my life. Honestly, Lupus isn’t that bad though, at times, it does throw snowballs at me to knock me down. Yet, I can conclude that the purple wolf has made my life better and more exciting.

How Has Lupus Made My Life Better?

Let me share the usual daily routine I had for several years before I got Lupus.

What a workaholic girl I was! I could never think of anything else than my projects, reports, presentations. I was working almost 6-7 days a week but often my day started with a cup of tea. Throughout the day, I often had 4 to 5 cups to get myself going. Ate lunch pretty late. Sometimes, no lunch. Stress was my biggest companion. Every day, I was mostly late I had to travel all the way back home. Did a quick dinner and collapsed. I laugh now recalling how I used to dream about projects. I didn’t have anything much in my life rather than stress – it was only me in a rush with no time to even take care of my meals.


As for today after getting diagnosed and living with lupus for 7 years, this is how my day goes;

Profession wise, I am self-employed now. I am a blogger, eBook author, ghostwriter, and proofreader. Though I started writing as a profession to support my medical bills but then I remember as a kid, I always wanted to write. I am just doing what I like (love would be more appropriate).  Moreover, I work from home so I get to rest and work on my own schedule.

I am living a healthy lifestyle. Lupus calls for a healthy lifestyle. I used to have a bad digestion (the lupus treatment side-effects) so I ate a very light and prescribed diet. Now, I am eating a healthy diet and almost everything out of my keenness. I love eating light home-made food.  I do eat almonds and dates every morning on an empty stomach. There are more such things that I am doing on a daily basis that I could never do earlier.

Therefore, I am super-happy and relaxed. No one gives me a daily dose of stress. I limited stress and got good at dealing with it. I am cherishing every moment of my life now. Spending time with loved ones because there is no surety of tomorrow. Nothing could be left for tomorrow. I got a chance to live and am living it now. Instead of stretching my boundaries, I am slowly recognizing it. No one sets my priority because I am my first priority. I never visited doctors for regular checks. Presently, I give them more topics that keep them busy. I have achieved more with Lupus. Lupus helped me recognize my true well-wishers.

Secret: Lupus allows me to pamper myself with messages, rest breaks, movies, books, nail arts, etc!

Now, I have friends who I know don’t judge me on the basis of my chronic illness or anything else. Rather, I have people around me who are supportive, who hates to see me weak and give up. It is their strength, that I try to give others living with chronic illness. I was more of a robot chasing targets. Now, I am human pursuing her passion and dreams.


Somebody said, ‘Don’t add days to life, add life to days”. Don’t you think lupus gave me my true life back? Don’t you think lupus made my life better? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below. 🙂


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