Lupus & Emotions

Author: Sandy

Posted On: March 13, 2014


Lupus affects beyond our body…

Governs our emotions…

Affects our relations!

Emotions itself is so complicated for a normal human being. It is rather hard to face the emotional breakdowns when you or your friend, loved one is having a chronic illness like Lupus.

Right from the time when one gets sure of Lupus, things change in self, in body, mind, and heart and in relations. Not one, but a whole family faces the consequences brought to them by Lupus. Life of the family member changes to a great extent along with their responsibilities, duties, feelings, fear.

Yes, fear!! If your mom or dad is having Lupus you seem to have the fear of losing them all of a sudden. They are your support system so far. Now you ought to be strong in front of them forcing a smile of confidence and belief and spirit on your face.

For the sake of his or her health, you need to focus onto when your sibling is diagnosed with Lupus. You need to be aware and give a lot of consideration to him or her. And, perhaps you may envy her for getting all the attention and not you. Or let me put this into this way that your brother or sister may get desirous and in secured for the fact of you getting the notice.

Husband or wife or your love… if he or she is having Lupus, the closeness that you have been sharing so far gets affected. So many restrictions and discomfort engulf you.

There could be great emotion distress in you. You need to focus on your loved one having lupus again you need to take a good hold on yourself too.

The only suggestion is to share Lupus related information and emotions as much as possible. It helps you reduce the bad feeling and fear of loss. So communicate and be strong. Compassion lessens the pain suffering and gives the courage to fight and say

“Let us fight Lupus together”.

Rise up, Fight S.L.E.

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