Are You Depressed? Now You Can Recognize It Yourself!

Author: Sandy

Posted On: January 31, 2017

We need no scientific evidence to put forward the link between Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Depression. However, a study shows that lupus causes several biological changes in the human body that trigger depression that we also call lupus depression. Depressive feelings are hard to define it can be as simple as a boredom, or as severe as physical restlessness or self-injuring one. One with depressive may eat a lot or too less or sleep too much or experience difficulty to sleep. One may not find thing and activities enjoyable, once he loved doing.

If you ask me there were so many things I enjoyed doing like painting, going out shopping.  There was a time when I literally locked myself in my room for months. Yes, I experienced self-hurting behaviors as well. But, I have worked on them. How??? I will be sharing that at a good time. But now, let’s find out more about lupus depression – types of depression!



It is the consistent sad-sad feeling that doesn’t make you feel depressed even. Like, you feel bored/unwanted/alone in a shopping mall! That’s weird but I am sure you have experienced it. Right?


Anxiety is not depression, but accompanies depression. It leaves you confused and paranoid. People generally don’t even count this among all the symptoms of lupus. But, it worth counting.


Number of drugs (both prescribed and illegal) cause mood disorder. Drugs like steroids do cause depressing mood. Again, cocaine gives a temporary boost to the mood.


Depression would be classified as a major one when you are in a deep low mood in every surrounding. Unsurprisingly it damages the natural ability of the person to function on the whole. You cannot take away the depression and stress just like that with some medications.


One may feel discouraged and depressed to leading an active life, pursue his interests, hobbies, and goals because he feels too ill to participate. Without this discouragement, he would be absolutely happy and active. It cannot be treated as major depression as you can remove stress and encourage him!


When you get depressed as a reaction to certain stress; it is termed as an adjustment disorder. It doesn’t last longer than six months.

Though not included among the early symptoms of the chronic rheumatic disease, but depressive symptoms could be one of the early warning signs that often goes unnoticed in the early diagnosis.


Living and fighting SLE could be very challenging. Not just the symptoms swing, but the disease itself flares up time to time. It is uncertain, what is going happen the next day. Living in such uncertainty surely make anyone of us angry, frustrated and sad. Most of the time, we mourn for the beautiful life we had before bumping into lupus.  Again, there is so much to adjust and sacrifice to cope up with lupus. All these negative emotions could be either temporary or abiding but definitely devastating; causing lupus depression.

Not to mention, there are financial, societal as well as professional apprehensions to make it worse for a lupie. The medications used in certain Lupus treatments like corticosteroids also cause lupus depression. Worst of all, lupus is incurable. Knowing that we won’t be ever free of lupus makes our life miserable. Isn’t it?


It is very important to recognize the symptoms of depression so that it can be properly treated. Thus it is important to identify the most common physical and psychological symptoms of depression;

a. Crying time and again without any reason.

b. Being gloomy.

c. Feeling helpless.

d. Either sleeping too much or absolutely sleep-deprived.

e. Over-eating or loss or appetite.

f. Nervousness, discomfort.

g. Bad temper.

h. Feeling guilty.

i. Loss of confidence.

j. Not being able to remember things.

k. Lack of concentration.

l. Unable to think or judge.

m. Hesitancy.

n. Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.

o. Loss of energy.

p. Recurrence of suicidal thoughts.

q. Loss of interest or performance making love.

r. Mental functions getting slow and blur.

If it is happening for a long time, don’t dismiss it as a crazy behavior; go and see a doctor RIGHT NOW! There are several therapies that can help one to get out if the depression. But first thing first, find out if you are depressed!



    1. I am a 15 year diagnosed SLE patient. I’ve lost all control of parts of my life and can’t seem to retrieve them!
      My Ohysician is trying to help. Neurologist couldn’t help, now he thinks vitamin deficiency. We’ve been injectioning B12 and D6 (orally).

      I’m almost afraid to find out what’s going on and how it’s all going to unfold!

      • Hi Susie,

        Thanks you for sharing! Please don’t be afraid of lupus. Everything will be fine soon. Remember, more you are scared, more scary it will be. Vitamins are essential, even I am taking oral shots of Vitamin D. But, if you really want to take control of your life, stop being scared of lupus. Everything will be fine. Have faith dear!


    2. Yes, i am sle patient and depressed too.. when i feel depressed and helpless or upset i am taking lots of pain killer to change my mind then i” normal… but its not good for me.. please help me out.. and no one can understand me. They thought i am addicted to pain killers.. please priscribed me any tablet or other suggestion me out from this

      • Hi Nilu,

        More than SLE, it is the depression that weakens us. Even I have suffered from this depression for years. It took me time to say no to painkillers and anti-depressants. I tried to identify what is triggering depression in me, I realized I get depressed during bedtime – so got a few great novels to read. I read it until I feel too tired to keep my eyes open. Similarly, you can try things that you enjoyed doing – it will divert your mind and relax you as well. You won’t need those painkillers then.

        Try it, and let me know how things are going.

        Warm Hugs,

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