While Living with Lupus, I Started to Value Life!

Author: Sandy

Posted On: July 13, 2018

I was a no different girl – have always been a regular school going kids who never got a chance to be a class head or lead the class in any event. Shy, introvert me even tried to publish my writings in school and college magazines for a couple of times, but all in vain. I was a regular girl with no particular power or talents, yet I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to be someone whom people would recognize. Life made me different by giving me this different ailment; Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and it made me value life more appropriately.

Initially, I used to blame God for giving me this, cried and wondered why it has to happen to me. Now, I am pretty much happy that I had it. Only after I went through the trauma that Lupus brought me, I understood the real value of my life. “I have only one life, which was about to end but then I somehow managed to skip death and got another chance to live. There may not be more chances for me, so I have to do what I wanted to do in this short life only.”

After comprehending the actual value of life, I started caring about myself – being positive and kind to me and others around. Believe me; it wasn’t that easy. Even now, but now I have better control over myself. Life has been good to me after that – I understood one thing. I should give up bad things, be grateful, love and accept myself, my life then only I can overcome the negativity around me, value life and enjoy it better.

Lupus Taught Me to Value Life

Today, I am super-happy writing this – not sure why. Right now, I have a severe Lupus headache since yesterday noon; still, I am happy. I am also excited because I got it. Finally, I can sleep a couple of hours longer, have a lazy morning, play some games, get a facial, listen to music, and of course, I get time to write. Otherwise, I would have been working since early morning.

So, Lupus taught me a few essential lessons  – it made me different unique.

  1. Lupus told me that it chose me not because I am weak, but because I am strong. I am strong enough to fight SLE.
  2. Lupus taught me the real meaning of being happy. Happiness is not about getting rich or famous. It is to enjoy those small moments that bring smiles to our faces.
  3. We decide what will make us happy. If we are not willing to be happy, nothing can make us happy, no matter what riches we have.
  4. More importantly, Lupus teach us how precious this life is. We should not waste it mourning and crying rather we should value life more. We got only one life so start living it fullest right from this moment.



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