Life Update: These Days I Am Doing Strength-Training

Author: Sandy

Posted On: September 27, 2018

For several months now, I tried to tried a post – I am still not sure if I am going to publish it or not. I probably have tried 10 to 15 times to write before this and share what’s happening in my life but I couldn’t. Well, life is going on, and I cannot stay still – I also have to tune in myself in the beat of the life. So here I am again in effort to share you life update that took place in my life recently.

Life Update: Fitness Goals

As a kid, I was always underweight. When diagnosed with Lupus I lost 40 lbs then as I was on Wysolone I gained weight. However, as it got into remission, I lost it again.

So, presently unlike others who are living with Lupus and other chronic autoimmune disorders, I am underweight. I am too skinny, and due to this stupid chronic disorder, I have been a weak and fragile kind of a person. So I tried eating carbs, doing yoga, eating more of butter and ghee (healthy Indian fat) but no use. Now, I have joined a GYM. Me and working out had no seeing in miles, but I have – but honestly, I am quite liking it. Working out at home could be less expensive. However, I can give you a couple of more reasons to join a gym. But that would be in my next post. I got my new weight-gaining diet, and honestly, I am so enjoying it.

P.S. I joined it for strength-training and also to gain a little bit of weight. It has been only a week or two, so it’s too early to conclude anything now. If you want me to share my workout routine, diet and progress then let me know in the comment section below – I will put up a weight-gain, strength-training, diet chart post updates for you.

Also, let me know if you like me to create more life update posts for you – I would love to. I really want to connect with you. So if you have any question or idea, please share in the section below. I may be a little late, but I always read them.


    1. Hii…me too always underweight. Becoming too skinny these days. So I’m trying to gain some weight. But i don’t think I will be able to work out because I’m too fragile, get and get exhausted by even small works.
      Do share your experience, work out routine, diet chart. If possible I too want to try. 😊

      • Hi Peaches,
        Thanks for your comments. Trust me, you can workout and get better. It will only help you with your diet, strength and stamina. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts – I think I got some great tips for you.
        Love & Warm Hugs 🙂 🙂

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