Life Update: Strength Training Diet (Part II)

Author: Sandy

Posted On: March 29, 2019

I must say I enjoyed working out. For the last few months (to be honest the entire year 2018) I was under tremendous stress both professional and personal. One of my reasons to join a gym was my stress – I could never stop thinking and worrying. Moreover, from childhood, I have been moved by the workout videos and imagined how it would be to join. Well, it was nothing like those videos, but I still enjoyed working out, challenging myself, pushing myself to outdo what I have already done. I managed to continue it only for a few months until December 2018. During these few months, I have learned quite a few things regarding strength training diet and good eating habits which helped me a lot to stay active even today.


Diet is said to play a significant role in your fitness as you are working out consistently, burning calories. Hence, your body needs a constant source of energy and also the right amount of healthy fats and protein not only to meet your body’s requirement but also to build up muscles.

I was surprised to hear my trainer saying that diet contributes 90% of my goal and exercise contributes only 10%. I was not following my diet chart religiously that time.

Many of you asked me what I was eating during my strength training, so here I have included a quick chart that was given to me and what tweaks I made it:

  • EARLY MORNING: Sprouts 1 Cup (I used to add some chopped onion, tomato, cucumber, green chillies to it along with a little lemon juice).
  • HEAVY BREAKFAST: 2 Loaves of Brown Bread with Mixed Fruit Jam and one whole egg. (I am not a brown bread person – often my breakfast included aloo paranthas in place of brown bread).
  • LUNCH: 1 cup of Brown Rice, 100 grams of Chicken or Fish along with some green vegetables. (If you are vegan, go for one bowl of lentils or Daal).
  • AFTERNOON SNACKS: 1 Apple or 2 Mousambis or 1 Orange. (I also ate dry fruits that time).
  • EVENING SNACKS: 1 Cup of Oats/Muesli and 1 Cup of Yogurt.
  • DINNER: 100 grams of Chicken or Fish or 1 Cup of Lentils and Green Salad. ( I also ate rotis).
  • BEFORE BED: 1 tablespoon of Cinnamon dust with water.


Because of heavy physical activity, your body loses water and salt. So, drink water before working out but not during the session. Otherwise, you will get unbearably exhausted.


Delicacies like ice-cream, cold drink, chocolates are an absolute no when you are trying to gain weight. Your motto is to gain weight healthily. However, you can have it on Sundays. Then, on Mondays, you need to work out more to burn those extra calories. Focus on the lower body with cardio and resistance exercises.
Initially, it looks like torture, but you get motivated to follow these things as you get the hang of it and see your skin glowing, stamina level increases, ability to workout harder. I have seen it happening to me. These are not just tips given by my trainers, but I also experienced them.

Tell me what you think – let me know if you like my strength training diet and my tweaks.


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