10 Ideal Jobs for Lupus Survivors in India!

Author: Sandy

Posted On: June 23, 2018

Lupus doesn’t injure the body only or the mind, but it also destroys our career. Lupus treatment is expensive especially when there is no government fund or disability laws in India. Moreover, living with Lupus is a money-consuming (with those medical bills and frequent tests) lifestyle too. Doing jobs with Lupus, thus becomes essential for people living with Lupus. However, more than doing one finding right jobs for Lupus survivors is way more difficult. No one wants to hire a person with such unpredictable health issue. No matter what, you can still earn good money and fight S.L.E at the same time. Here, are the jobs for Lupus warriors can do in India:

10 Ideal Jobs for Lupus Survivors in India

1. Take Tuition

Remember, how we used to make our pocket money when we were in our college. No one will judge you for having Lupus. Well, you can still earn giving tuitions while living with Lupus. You can teach a couple of kids at home. Depending on your expertise, you can choose the age group or subjects. How to get students? Try word-of-mouth technique, Facebook or get a few posters printed and stick it near the local playground or park.

2. Be a Beautician/ Mehendi Artist/ Nail Art Expert

If you have some hidden passion for Mehendi or henna designing, taken some beautician courses for fun, this is the time to cash it. Not being a regular job, you can fight SLE as well as a decent amount of money giving facials to the aunties of your building.

3. Train or Babysit a Dog

Heard of Pet Therapy? Now pets help you heal as well as earn some money. If you are a dog person, then this is something you would love doing. These days, dog crèche is getting popular in India. You can babysit dog or even train them (if it’s your forte) and make some money.

4. Virtual Assistant

If you are good at regular office assistant jobs, then you can take up such jobs virtually. That’s right, V. A or Virtual Assistant is a job that can pay you well. You can earn anything $5 to $25 (or even more) per hour depending on your skills and job requirement.

5. Graphic Designer/Logo Maker

Are you good at graphic designing? Can you make covers, logos, posters that impress people right away? Bring out your skills – you don’t need a graphic designing job to sell your creations. Just prepare a gig on fiverr.com and get orders. Don’t forget to post a few of your best creations there.

6. Photo Editor

At times, people need help to edit photos. If you got skills at photoshop, then you can earn money editing photographs for others. There is a good number of sites like freelancer, upwork where you find such projects, and you can also prepare gig at fiverr as well.

7. Web Designing

You can design websites sitting right at your home – probably on your bed. Make an account at those online platforms that I have mentioned earlier and get started.

8. Kindle Author

If you hate selling your writings to others, why not publishing them under your name? Become a Amazon Kindle Author – choose a topic of your choice, write, edit and publish. You need to make a GOOD eBook cover that will help you sell. You can create your own at Canva or better consider someone professional. Here, check my Kindle “Habit for A Better You“.

9. Sale Photographs

Got a knack for taking photographs? Why keeping them away in some old “my photo” folder in your computer? You can sell the stock of photos make a good amount online. Many has taken the role of stock photographer very seriously. You can even try them out. Visit Shutterstock, SmugMug Pro, iStockPhoto, Etsy

10. Freelance Content Writing/ Ghostwriting/ Blogging

For the last few years, I am a freelance content writer, eBook author (ghostwriter as well), I make an earning decent enough to pay my energy bills, get some grocery shopping done, pay my medical bills and so on. Despite all, I also save some money. If you are confident about making a solid impression through writing, then you can write and make money. The few things that you need to get started are a computer or laptop and high-speed internet. This is what I do and trust me I duly pay all my bills.

If you think that there are no jobs for Lupus patients then create one for yourself. Remember, the basic idea is to make some money in a stress-free way. So, what could be better than doing something that you love to do? What do you think of these listed jobs for Lupus? Which one would you like to try out?


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