How Would You Manage Work While Fighting Against S.L.E?

Author: Sandy

Posted On: January 7, 2014

S.L.E or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus often make you end up in the hospital seeking for intense medical care quite a few times a year. Here the question arises how one shall manage the office work and the accompanied stress under such circumstances. Fatigue, sudden headache, upset stomach, vomiting, all these become kind of having hard deadlines on head to be taken care of all become more stressful for the employee with Lupus.

Lupus, as it differs from one person to another hence the consequences faced, its effects, everything varies. It is not just a struggle against the job, its responsibility or the Lupus but all in together. It is how one should handle the situations. A woman is working for many reasons sometime it is for self identity, sometime for financial independence, sometime meeting the basic necessity. Henceforth, quitting isn’t advisable or applicable all the time. The only person who would think the pros and cons and take the decision is you!! Being the one fighting Lupus, you know your strength, passion and weakness best… “YOU” are the only decision maker.

While taking a call on this, there are few questions that may seek for certain attention like:

  • Whether the employer shall be kind enough to make arrangements for one’s accommodation near the job- place so that traveling stress can be cut off.
  • Whether it is possible for one to work from home, or a part time job or to undertake less stressful tasks, whenever the situation demands.
  • Will the employer be as rigid upon one as he would be on others?

There has been many incidents when the employee has been asked to leave, many incidents where the situation has been hostile for them by the management. Specially in the country like India, where people are unaware of the disease, its effects, it would be too much if one get some benefits for their disability and can be termed as partiality or favor.

In India women are struggling with their work, career, their family, their health, their identity. Either they are not approved of being able to give their input in seeking a career or they are looked upon as a handicapped person with lots of pity and sympathy.

People in the community have a variety of experiences to share about their struggles with work issues. Many of them had to let go off their job reluctantly and at last found the ultimate peace of mind while spending time writing book, or cooking or other small activities along with caring for her health. Still one hopes to do something like part-time work or work-from-home.

In the countries beyond the borders of India, everyone is more aware of it. Hence somewhere there it has been suggested by some former health care administrator to be honest to the employer about S.L.E. as many of the employees tend to hide their health issues. But in India, it is pretty difficult. Many of the employees with chronic diseases generally get demoted by the management. Hence many of the employees prefer to be mum despite of the flares. But in order to keep going with the work certain measures to be taken focusing to be as healthy. So that maximum efforts can be given into work.

Here’s a list of things to be kept in mind to stay healthy and work:

  1. 20 minutes to medium exercise, at least thrice a week. But not vigorous.

  2. Having a healthy diet on time. Avoiding fast food, oily and spicy food with lots of water.

  3. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight and be strong.

  4. Do not stress yourself, stress flares up S.L.E.

  5. Don’t over work. Don’t push yourself you body to that much, where it gives up.

  6. Go for regular check up with your doctor.

  7. Take you medicine do not miss it. And fight against the side-effects of the medicines.

  8. Do follow whatever you doctor asks you to do. He is the best person to guide you.

  9. Have proper sleep. Women need around 8 hours of sleep to relax her while men need 6 hours.

  10. Take retirement, when you feel you can work no longer.

So this has just been certain tips for managing one’s work along with Lupus. But another suggestion, do not hide health problem, from family, friends or co-workers. In case of a sudden flare one shall need certain assistance.

How are you managing your work while living with lupus? How difficult it is to make an earning while you #FightSLE? Share your secrets and help bring fortune to many warriors…


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