How to Stay Fit in Lupus?

Author: Sandy

Posted On: March 22, 2014

Generally exercise keeps a human being fit and strong. It helps the immune system to be strong enough to fight against the harmful diseases. But the questions lies, how would exercise help, if you are having Lupus. Well let’s discuss that through a series of probable questions that may have stricken you by now.

Q)I have Lupus, should I exercise? Is it okay?

A) Yes definitely. In case you are having muscle stiffness, then you know how important is to feel supple. And exercise helps you to feel physically powerful and flexible. Lupus or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus affects the mental health of yours leading you to unwanted depression, mood-swing. Exercise makes you feel good and head-strong. Also it reduces fatigue. You must be complaining to your doctor now and then why you feel so exhausted and what should you do? Right? Then I believe you have got your query resolved by now.

Still if you seem to have doubts or queries, do seek your Doctor’s suggestion and see what he has got to say taking your health into consideration as he is aware of your illness, S.L.E. symptoms, treatments and its side-effects.

Q) What kind of Exercise should I do?

A) It’s a good thing to exercise as it keeps the muscle stiffness under control, helps maintaining your weight, and reduces weariness. Yet you should consult your doctor before deciding your workout regime.

However, to make a start a low impact exercise is highly recommended that causes minimal impact on the joints, hips and the muscles instead making them strong. Walking, cycling, swimming, yoga are the best examples of the low impact exercises preferred for a person having Lupus. Well, if you are already into low-impact exercises, but for longer duration of time, you could take a break in between and make things easier for your body. But, don’t give up altogether.

Q) Can I workout if I am having a flare up?

A) Exercise helps you to strengthen your body; but I would suggest if you are having a flare then at first you should try out some low-impact cardiovascular exercise and see how things work for you. If you are okay, not much exhausted then it’s a sign that you can definitely carry on working-out. But you need to understand how much of those work-out your body could absorb, don’t compel your body to cross the line!! Now when it comes to exercise during a Lupus flare up, concentrate on couple of things firstly, no vigorous exercises. If you seem to do only a little bit of stretching or Yoga, it’s good. Secondly do not work-out more than what your body could take.

But in case, your experiment fails to turn out to be a productive one, then you need to wait for some time, till the flare gets under control.

In any case, you should share your workout schedule, intensity, health conditions with your Physical Trainer and Doctor.


Q) I feel so exhausted specially my joints and muscles. They simply refuse to do exercise. What should I do so that I can beat my tiredness and workout?

A) Exercise makes you feel less exhausted, if you make it your daily habit. To make a start you may start with a low-impact exercise like walking, cycling, swimming, yoga or stretching. Initially you can start with a session of 10mins of walk for an example. Then when you get used to it, slowly you can extend the time at regular gap. You can start with something that you love doing so that you don’t get bored and quit but be passionate about it. And slowly make it your daily habit. Soon enough you would be out of your tiredness and into an active life.

Exercise is an excellent thing to do as it relaxes you body and mind and also helps you to deal with your stress. Most importantly do what you enjoy doing.

Any more queries, share with us. Fight S.L.E. is there to assist you in searching answers to them.


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