Best Ways How You Can Help Someone Fight S.L.E.

Author: Sandy

Posted On: June 2, 2017

According to the health care providers, people who fight S.L.E. should eat a proper and healthy meal, workout and reduce stress. We literally have to make plans to get up in the morning at the right time. Like Iris, from Sometimes It Is Lupus has elaborated her wake up preparations so that she doesn’t miss her flight to Melbourne. Her lil’ daughter has been her extra push, her motivation packet. There are several ways how one can help a person dealing with lupus.


Generally, a lupus patient needs to see a rheumatologist. However, the S.L.E. disease can affect other body parts like the heart, kidneys, skin, eyes and so on. Again if the person is taking anti-malarial drugs like HCQS (Hydroxychloroquine), then it is important that he goes for an eye check-up every six months. He should never overlook the small issues. Either they don’t share small pain or rash issues with the doctor or just skip the regular appointments at the first place. Such things can lead to major issues. A caregiver should encourage the lupie warrior to make and stick to the medical appointments and share everything. It would help treat the flares if any and fight S.L.E. effectively before it’s too late.


People living with lupus face more heart and kidney problems. Therefore, they should have heart and kidney healthy meal, which means less caffeine, salt, and more fresh vegetables. However, you can check out my healthy tips for lupus diet.


Lupus patients are often prescribed calcium or vitamin D pills for bone strength. The steroids and other medicines prescribed for treating lupus can weaken the bones causing osteoporosis. There are several alternative therapies as well that helps in chronic pain and fatigue. Consult your dear one’s doctor if he or she could make some use of – if it would help!


Even a short workout can help people living with Lupus. It makes the bones stronger and muscles flexible. However, the lupus symptoms are too overwhelming and tend to glue the patient with the bed. Inspire, motivate your dear ones to get up and do some physical activity whenever possible. But make sure, his/her condition permits some physical movement. It could be running, walking, swimming or any other pool activities can be beneficial for the joints. Another great way to add some physical activity is through yoga and meditation. The benefits are not limited to physical health. Yoga helps in flexibility, strength, mindfulness as well as spiritual healing. As a supporter and well-wisher; you can not only encourage, but also accompany your loved one. Your company is more than appreciated.


One living with Lupus has to deal with extreme fatigue. If you want to help, encourage your dear one to take power naps and relax whenever possible. Every day comes with a new challenge. If it is good today, your dear one must be trying to accomplish all the task at once. Don’t let this happen. Instead, inspire her to go ahead and fight S.L.E. at her own pace.


You must have read the statutory warnings on the cigarette packets. Right? It’s time to take the warnings seriously. Lupies often face  several complications and diseases.Cardiovascular disease is one of them. In fact, it is the main reason of death among lupus patients. Smoking increases the risk. So, encourage your dear one to quit it right away.


A person fighting lupus has many more battles to win. She loses her career, love, vibrant life and further fails to take care of herself. Now, her life is limited in her room. Earlier she went out shopping, vacation, hikes and now she is running to her rheumatologists, cardiologist, and running tests. Where is that vibrant and fun girl now? She would never be able to be the same. But you can at least encourage her to take care of herself.  If she can’t go to the gym, ask her to do yoga at home. She can’t dine out now, ask her to cook herself some nice, healthy and tasty meal. Get her an airfryer cookbook.


Josh Marshall from Kansas has entered the #BestBaldDad competition by St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Gabriel got a malignant brain tumor and had to get operated. He used to feel like a monster. Josh got a tattoo to match his son Gabriel’s surgery scar.  Now, that is something beyond words and only comes out of unconditional love. Not a tattoo, but you can also extend your hand or give a hug to show your support for your very dear lupus warrior.

“Systemic Lupus Erythematosus” is a big name and moreover complicated. As a caregiver, you will also get frustrated. Imagine what your friend is going through! Would she have left you when you needed someone badly? Living with lupus is not easy. However, when she knows you are there to grab her when falling, hold on to her during her mood swings, listen to her when she can’t sleep, make her smile, restore her faith; she gets the strength to fight S.L.E.


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