Healthy Mantra

What is a healthy mantra? Well, it is no magic chant that can heal you overnight… It is (for me) is being healthy physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually. There are several therapies that I tried, and they really worked for me to control S.L.E. They help to relief pain, stress, anxiety and also boost the self-healing powers of the body.

Here, I would discuss how alternative therapies help and what I tried. These are not to be taken as the primitive healthcare treatments. Please do not replace any of my mantras with your existing prescribed treatment plan. They are meant to give you comfort and aid your existing medicinal plan.


Our human body is our most prized possession. Earlier, I have been very ignorant about my diet, daily routine, and activities. In a way, I have been unfair to myself. But I have learned a good lesson and started appreciating life, loving and taking care of myself. Now I have focused on my profession, exercise, yoga, meditation and try to be on a healthy diet all the time. Initially, it felt horrible and forced upon me but as I gained momentum and strength I loved being healthy. Again, I learned about lupus and recognized the flare signs. It helped me to control the flares as well as prevent them in future. I have a few of the tips mentioned in this article.


Not only lupus make us physically weak, but also emotionally shattered. We tend to lose our courage and fail to keep up with the severe clinical treatments. I have learned something important i.e. if I, myself is weak then lupus will ground me to nothing. Several times I lost my temper, strength, courage as well as balance and fell on my face. But that’s okay as I recollected myself and stood up again. We need support though. Life is all about going against the current, making the smallest effort until the last moment. It took me time but I realized that it is my life and I can’t allow Lupus to control my life. I had to work on my willpower, confidence, abilities, and beliefs to get back to what I can call a normal life with lupus. I had to learn to say and to trust “I can do it”. Music, painting, even self-talks played individual important roles. Lupus tests the true relations we made so far. Those who are still with us are true loved ones and those who ditched didn’t worth us.

No matter what, we have to be strong, carefully pick the true people around us and keep going. The fight gets easy when we have faith in ourselves and are surrounded by true well-wishers.


It looks weird, but it played an important role linking me to a supernatural power that works as an intermediary between me and God. There is no scientific evidence behind this, but I am sure we all know the power of prayers. Expressing love, practicing gratitude, stop being selfish are some of the few things that awakened new motto, new direction, new happiness somewhere very deep inside me. Whether it is being close to nature, or uttering a line of prayer, or helping the weak or just apologizing; just make it a habit of following your heart. Gradually, I got the upper hand on lupus. It didn’t cure lupus but gave me strength enough to live with it happily. Don’t forget to check out my mantras shared in the blog section.

These are my mantras, but even I have checked with my doctor before applying them. Together with medical science, they have put my lupus nephritis into permanent remission. So do consult your doctor if trying anything new and out of your comfort zone.

Remember; Don’t let lupus control your life! Life is one and precious!