Lupus Fight Story: The Secret of Hem’s Courageous Fight with Lupus!

Author: Sandy

Posted On: February 17, 2017

This is Hems from Bangalore fighting the battle for more than a decade now. I am a Tamil speaking girl who grew up in Chennai, India. Got married to a Hyderabadi IITian nerd. I love singing, painting, arts and crafts. This is my Lupus fight story.

I was studying in my school and just had the loss of my beloved father who passed away due to severe pulmonary embolism and severe PHT. The loss was big but we managed to cope up and live the rest of our lives happily. My lupus fight story begins on the day when I was writing for my tenth standard board exam. Suddenly, I felt pain and tenderness in the palm where I was holding the pen and writing my papers. Six months went normal and again I felt pain and swelling in my ankle when I went to the nearby clinic rather I was rushed to as I could not walk. The doctors were confused and finally, he sent me to a hospital nearby.

There a pulmonologist examined me and arranged for series of tests. It took 2 days for the reports to come. I and my mother were in the hospital. The doctor was initially silent and told us in a low voice that I have a problem and I need admission. The rheumatologist came to the hospital as a visiting doctor and prescribed me injection through IV for steroids, anticoagulants and other medicines. I was 16-year-old timid girl at that time. I didn’t even know what my illness was. I had the medicines on time and gained some weight and got discharged from the hospital.

However, in 2007 the wolf attacked me again. I browsed the internet and learned about my illness; SLE APLA syndrome. This was the title written on all my prescriptions. I entered my college in 2006 and in 2007 I noticed severe pain in my toes, feet and I literally could not take a single step to walk. I was rushed to Apollo hospital Chennai in the wheelchair. The doctor prescribed me 3 days of Solumedrol injection with 1000 mg each day through Intravenous injection.

I was in the middle of my semester exams that time. My body was in complete pain and I struggled to bear it with patience. I shouted in pain became angry. Within 1 week, my body and face became fluffy I lost my hair and I was sent to a vascular surgeon again. He explained me about my clotting disorder and told me I have severe vasculitis and this could be because of my Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). My INR value should be tested periodically and maintained between 1 to 2.

The struggle continued. However, I gained some confidence and started smiling through the tears. In 2008, I started getting crying spells and panic attacks. I consulted a psychiatrist as well. Yes, I was put on a lot of anti-depressants and mood boosters. I had a tough time sleeping and all my pillow got wet with my tears.

In 2010, I successfully finished my graduation in Biomedical engineering. I was on cloud nine about my success in spite of these hurdles. I got a job in a multinational company. Needless to say, my family kept me motivated at every stage. I have gone through a lot of ups and downs. I fell down many times and got up with the courage to fight.

I had suicidal tendencies at times when I spoke to my heart “ U have crossed so many bridges, don’t give up now”. Despite all the negative thoughts I had over my disease, I kept moving on with successful education and career which gave me the strength to face life and fight it back hard.

In 2013, I suffered breathlessness and was rushed to a hospital. The diagnosis came as pulmonary hypertension and embolism. I was put on IVC filter to prevent clots from spreading to the lungs. That was the hardest phase of life when I started losing complete faith. Thoughts about my dad, how he fought with all his willpower and then finally left us alone, stroke me. He has been my hero for me from my childhood days and I got the same illness which he fought. I decided not to end this lupus fight story here. We lost one life already and I would become a warrior. Though under a lot of stress and weakness, my positivism was creeping as well. It’s not gone yet. However, positivism is inside all of us. We just need to awaken it all the time.

In 2014, I met my partner. My soul mate. His love and support introduced me to a new life with new hopes. Why will I suffer anymore with such lovable husband? Yes, we got married in 2015 and still, the fight with Lupus is on but with even higher spirit.

The power of love boosting me each day to stand up and fight with all my courage!!


    1. Hey Hema, it requires too much courage to let all people know about our problems. I appreciate your spirit. I have always wondered seeing you, in fact I have got some kind of inspiration to take things light and keep motivated. Never repent on small small problems. Happy for you dear. Stay blessed and healthy. We are there for you.

    2. You are a true and a brave warrior Hema. God is with you. Finish this battle with God s grace and we are always with you.


    3. Wonderful courage! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story! We who have this disease after keep on encouraging each other and spreading awareness with stories of Hope!

    4. Hema …Great going ….My wishes for your husband for making your life even more lovable and beautiful …..Kudos !!!!!

    5. I have seen you all through this fight hems. You are a brave girl and a true inspiration .I’m really proud of you.Always wish you a happy life.
      Friends forever
      With love,

    6. Your positivism is really inspirational hems.god is always with you to fight against the syndrome .I am really proud of you.keep your head high along with your winning smile!

    7. It really takes courage.. best thing is you have analysed yourself.. hence you found positivity inside you.. it’s this which has made you fight throughout… It really takes a big thing to even face it.. but you lived with it….. Its awesome..

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