Can Any Food Cause a Lupus Flare-Up?

Author: Sandy

Posted On: January 6, 2014

It is not sure, whether S.L.E. or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus can be treated with the help of special diet or food intake, but maintaining those eating habits is definitely a good practice.

Now, the question arises whether it can flare up because of certain food or not. Well, till now it is not proven hence, there is no need to avoid certain food. But of course prevention is better than cure so one should be avoiding poorly cooked food like fish or chicken as it may be carrying bacteria, which may result in vomiting, food poisoning or even worse than that; some sort of dangerous infection. And it may worsen the health scenario, but that is pretty rare. In fact, one should eat baked or grilled fish like salmon, tuna, its rich in omega-3 oil that keeps heart healthy. And also, low-fat protein diet is regarded as inevitable for one. Fast foods, foods rich in oil or butter increase the risk of cardiac arrest, diabetes and so on. Hence baked, grilled food would be the best choice to be healthy. The medication one takes for Lupus is strong and always bothers your stomach; hence one should cut off the caffeine. Caffeine comes in your soda, tea, coffee and that keeps you awake. Now in case, you are having high blood pressure or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Nephritis that is kidney is affected, then you need to put a check on Salt right-away. And off course too much of alcohol, leads a healthy person to so many health issues. So, it would be better to not to mention how dangerous the alcohol could be for your well being.

But simultaneously, one should include lots of green vegetables, fruits into their diet. As they are the best natural source of vitamins, minerals and it should be the maximum part of our diet. In case one is taking corticosteroids for treating lupus, then it may result into a bone weakening disease. So, calcium and vitamin-D enriched food becomes very essential like milk, cheese or yogurt. To maintain a balance one need to have fiber preventing constipation and risk of heart disease. Wheat, cereals or whole grained breads should be there in one’s diet.

Lastly, water!! Drinking adequate quantity of water keeps your system clean, increases the digestion power. Kidney to skin, every body part gets benefited of it but has to be continuously done every day without failure.

Drawing a conclusion to it, would say one should go for a healthy and balanced diet not only to avoid the disease flaring up but to stay fit always and go on #FightSLE ..

Say yes to fresh food and no to fast food with lots of water.”


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