Losing Your Brain in Lupus

Author: Sandy

Posted On: July 12, 2014

When a child, I used to be the owner of great memory. Hardly had I required a quick read before exams. Since when S.L.E. Nephritis stroke me often I had different setbacks like fatigue, mood swing, loss of appetite, weight loss and so many. I have been on cyclophosphamide therapy for three months until I was stable.

From the time I got LUPUS, there was no small issue that left me. As if they happily chanted in my head,

“Hey girl,  don’t feel alone. We are with you to make your life HELL”.

Sounds creepy aren’t it? Off course, it is. Every day I feared the unknown. Out of the blue I realized that I am failing to remember things. Initially, I overlooked it. Forgetting passwords of my mail accounts … were so stupid … it happens. Isn’t it? It’s OKAY!  But the next day, again I forget something else. Things caught my attention when I started forgetting important dates, commitments, familiar faces, old habits and song lyrics.

I realized, something is definitely not right!

I was conversing with one of my Lupie friends when she told me that she is struggling with lupus fog. She forgetting things, having frequent migraines. I researched it on internet.

AHHA! It’s a mist in the mind … Fogging it…

I got scared. There were flocks of disturbing thoughts and questions coming to my mind. A thought came yo my mind that one day I will walk to ask myself ” Who am I? Where am I?”

Horrible… No ways.. I can manage it – I am not going to go crazy. Let me find answers first.

So here we go;

Question 1# How does lupus affect my memory? What are the other problems that a person having lupus may face?


I learnt 20% of people having lupus, face memory dilemma, confusion, and trouble to convey, exhaustion which are the common outcomes when the blood streaming to the head is not so smooth. It also happens when the lupus antibodies enter and damage the memory storage areas of the brain. And, this is called cognitive dysfunction.

It can last for a few minutes, few hours, several days or several years. But often it progressively gets worsened over time.

Blood provides nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells. When the blood-flow is interrupted, stroke occurs and the cells die without any food or oxygen. There are certain symptoms of it, like paralysis, vision issues, speech difficulty, and tickly feeling. People having Antiphospholipid antibodies are at a high risk of sticky blood leading to blood clot which obstructs the blood flow to the brain. And as a result, danger of stroke becomes great. Others that could occur include seizure, difficulty understanding and discriminate reality, paralysis, unconsciousness. It could bring behavioral changes.

Question 2# Lupus along with brain involvement - can it be cured or treated to remission at least?


Medical research has advanced so much these days. With the aid of counseling, anti-depressant drugs one can easily tackle the loss of memory, thinking trouble and behavioral changes. There are numerous groups to your support, throwing away the fear from your mind, boosting your confidence, helping you increase your concentration, memory and focus. With support of family and loved ones, one can overcome the hidden darkness of Lupus. Surely with time and luck favoring us, one day we can stop lupus from playing with our brains.


    1. I have had Lupus since 1981–diagnosed the year before I got married.I have “brain fog” and it scares the hell out of me..I went to a neurologist and he checked my b12 levels and it was non-existant. He .prescribed B12 injections as well as by mouth and my memory has gotten much better.I can not remember the periods of time that I lost but there is less new memory loss..

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