Lupus and Depression

Lupus and Depression: 24 Ways To Manage Lupus Depression!

It is absolutely normal to feel depressed or anxious when you are living with lupus. Lupus and depression, somewhat go...

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mouth ulcer treatment

11 Tips for Mouth Ulcer Treatment In Lupus

Don't you hate those blistering oral ulcers? I know you hate them more than I do. Had so many of...

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Essential Oils for Lupus

Essential Oils For Lupus (Part – I)

Essential oils or Aromatherapy is around us for hundreds of years. Generally, we use them for improving our mood, pain...

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This is Preet's Lupus Fight Story

Lupus Fight Story: Preet From Punjab Is A Lupus Warrior!

My name is Preet, and I’m a survivor of the fatal autoimmune disease called SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).Yes, I’ve fought...

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Help Fight S.L.E.

Best Ways How You Can Help Someone Fight S.L.E.

According to the health care providers, people who fight S.L.E. should eat a proper and healthy meal, workout and reduce...

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Living with Lupus Is Hard

Never Say These Things To Anyone Living With Lupus

In medical terms; Lupus is a chronic disease where our immunity system gets overactive and attacks the body own healthy...

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Lupus Fight Story: The Secret of Hem’s Courageous Fight with Lupus!

This is Hems from Bangalore fighting the battle for more than a decade now. I am a Tamil speaking girl...

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Lupus Depression

Are You Depressed? Now You Can Recognize It Yourself!

We need no scientific evidence to put forward the link between Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Depression. However, a study shows that...

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Musical Remedy for Lupus Snags

Music Therapy for Lupus: How Does It Help to Fight Lupus?

Music Therapy for Lupus - can music help? Is there any such therapy that helps one living with lupus? Let's...

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Can Benlysta Cure Lupus?

Benlysta – New Hope for People with Lupus

One thing that every person fighting Systemic Lupus Erythematosus urge for, is A CURE. A cure that evaporates all the...

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