9 Spiritual Healing Methods to Fight Lupus & Even Cure It Naturally

Author: Sandy

Posted On: January 16, 2018

Spiritual healing has been recently recognized by the western medicine but it is existent in eastern medicine for thousands of years. Yes! Spiritual healing has been a part of our culture and traditional medicine for ages! Yeah… You heard it right – for AGES. In spiritual healing, energy is used for healing. Energy is also known as chi or prana. The main idea is to recognize the source of negative energy and then remove it. There are several spiritual healing methods in practice. Some are practiced by certified healers while some can be exercised by yourself. Here, I will be sharing some spiritual healing methods for Lupus that you can practice without anyone’s help.

9 Spiritual Healing Methods to Fight Lupus

1. Pranayama.

The name has ‘prana’ which means energy. Though it is known as an alternative nostril breathing in the western world, it got some spiritual powers. It eventually awakens your inner powers; the power of faith, belief, and healing. However, unless you continue doing it for 15 minutes every morning (preferably at dawn) for more than a month, you won’t experience the difference.
After a month of practicing Pranayama, my regular checks started coming normal.

2. Fight Stress.

Spirituality and stress management complement each other. Therefore, fight your stress level to strike a balance between your body, mind, and soul. In simple words, when you are less stressed you are able to learn things, relax, grow and heal better.

3. Yoga.

It is not unknown that yoga has a great notion to heal body and mind. From heart problem to high blood pressure; yoga is provingly useful for several health problems. In fact, according to a study, it is found that yoga helped breast cancer survivors to deal with the inflammation, fatigue, and mood. Similarly, yoga helps us relax (which is more effective than any anti-depressant pills), controls our breathing and awakens our internal healing. It reduces the risk of chronic illness.

4. Reiki.

Reiki is another healing technique prevailing in the eastern world for centuries. In Japanese, Rei means the Higher Power, and Ki means life force energy. The human body isn’t only made up of bone, muscles, and organ; there is a certain energy (life force energy) in us. Lack of this energy cause illness. Stress often disrupts the flow of this energy. As seen in 70% to 90% of the cases, people suffer from several health problems due to their increased stress level. In Reiki, the energy flows from one’s body to another’s through the hands releasing stress and causing deep relaxation.

5. Spiritual Affirmation.

We all have the power to heal our body but with the increasing uncertainty, fear and anxiety, we are drooling down. Affirmation and prayers help you set your purposes which allow the beauty of life and your soul to approach and empower you. Depending on your situation create your own affirmation. Better write them down but make sure you do it with full awareness, i.e. when you read it you should not experience any resistance.

My Personal Affirmations

While fighting the active lupus flares, I often affirmed myself  the following:

  1. My heart is beating fine, I am not in pain. I am fine – I will be fine. (Was under observation for 72 hours – I wasn’t sure what was happing to me).
  2. I am stronger than Lupus. (During lupus flares).
  3. Life is beautiful, I will make every moment of this life memorable. (As Lupus changed my entire life, career).
  4. I can heal myself; my body, mind, and soul. (My lupus is in remission).

The followings are some affirmations that help me deal with a depressed or anxious mind.

  1. Creativity brings joy – helps me become a better person
  2. Our actions decide what kind of person we are.
  3. Gratitude is the key to eternal happiness and joy.
  4. Thoughts are beyond our control. Let them wonder – don’t let them influence your actions.

6. Take Care.

Taking a very good care of the body and mind, eating a healthy diet, doing exercise, staying active helps us relax. It awakens our inner power. We get strong both internally and externally. It also shows that we love ourselves, our life despite how badly Lupus has affected us.

7. Avoid Negative Emotional Blows.

At times, we fret out and say things we shouldn’t. Then, we repent. This put our minds in turmoil and create unnecessary negative emotions. Why do you have to put yourself through all these, when you can avoid this from happening. Watch your actions and reactions. What we do now leads to what will happen to us tomorrow. Take a couple of seconds to frame your speech or actions. At times, you will feel disgusted and angry because nobody else can understand how painful it is. You would feel to scream but will it change anything. Think again. Instead of getting upset, you may explain the thing with a different analogy. This is how Christine Miserandino invented spoon theory.

8. Grace, Forgiveness, Letting It Go.

The biggest challenge of living with lupus is that we cannot let it go. Often we are asking God that why it has to happen to me.  Learn the art to forgive yourself and others. You will be able to accept the present situation better. Wondering how it will help you heal? Well,  we need to overcome the present hurdles to move forward. Free your mind and soul from all the negative emotional bonds and relax.

9. Get Creative.

It could be anything like painting, playing music, DIY, writing or cooking something new. Creativity is everywhere. We just need to find it. Not only it helps elevate your state of mind, but also boost your inner power. For most of the painters and other artists, their art is their prayer – their path to spiritual awakening. Art has some great healing power.

I would be absolutely honest on this. I started doing 10 minutes Pranayama, 30 minutes yoga, healthy eating, stress management, affirmation together and after a month, I did notice a change in my health. That happened 3 years back. At present, I see no sign of Lupus in my life. I am still following a couple of spiritual healing methods to keep myself fit and fine. It is hard, often I fail and fall, but then I get up and start fresh! This is what life is all about – getting up after every fall.

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